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14 Sep 2018.

There is no transaction input in the Coinbase transaction.

The locking script indicates the payment conditions.

The Bitcoin code sample below shows what information UTXO carries by creating a new transaction: Image for.

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10−8 bitcoin). Each transaction consists of several input scripts, which unlock.

script is not template-compliant (but the overall P2SH transaction is). We now.

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Compact fraud proof for SPV nodes; New script system; Per-input lock-time.

Format of nVersion , txins , txouts , and nLockTime are same as traditional serialization.

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Click format to set inputs for tickers. ex: "COINBASE:BTC:USD". 60.

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19 Dec 2017.

scriptPubkey. Input Format. Output Format. • hash and n identify output being unlocked. • scriptSig contains the response script. 21 / 52.